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Природное средство-чага березовая

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Shagimuratov Zakir Zakievich
директор ООО
Авангард, ООО,  Челябинск, RU
на Флагма с 7 сентября 2016


Березовая чага собранная и переработанная в России!Birch chaga in our time, perhaps the cheapest solution in the treatment of people , it is not artificial but created by nature itself. Export , harvest and 2019 of this year. All checked and processed for use . There is a great batch of products. The antiviral effect was studied by the experts from Novosibirsk state scientific center of Virology and biotechnology "Vector". As a result, they have identified the most promising strains active against HIV-1, herpes viruses, different subtypes of influenza, smallpox, and is widely known in folk medicine birch fungus (chaga) completely inhibited all studied viruses.

According to scientists, chaga birch not only enhance the immune system and their bioactive substances can affect the virus directly, competing with viral particles for cell surface receptors through which they adhere and penetrate the host cell.

Researchers from the Singapore medical school Duke-NUS suggested to use a method of immunotherapy to treat cancer and infectious diseases. The proposed treatment based on the use of so-called virus-targeting receptors that are embedded in T-lymphocytes of the patient and recognize cancerous or infected cells. As reported, this method has shown effectiveness in the treatment of cancer patients, and Singapore scientists have pointed to its potential in the fight against HIV and coronavirus. The study authors noted that the use of immunotherapy against viruses is not fully understood, but pointed to the successful test of the therapy against hepatitis B.
A full export, fully air and other types of delivery.

Номер объявления: 23215   |  просмотров: 9  
Авангард, ООО,  Челябинск, RU
на Флагма с 7 сентября 2016

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